Property Damage Insurance Claims

When your personal property is damaged, it's important to make sure that you are properly compensated for your loss. This requires following a close procedure from the time you report a claim, to ensuring that your damaged property is properly appraised, to seeing that you are compensated fairly.

Filing a Property Damage Claim

The first step after a loss is to contact your insurance company to report a claim. They will go over your coverage with you and let you know what you need to proceed. A valuation of the property that is lost is a vital part of ensuring that you are properly compensated.

Why Do I Need an Appraisal for Insurance Claims?

Property damage that results in the need for insurance claims usually requires appraisal services.

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An appraiser will help you submit a property damage claim that serves as evidence to your insurance company in the event that property or items in your home have been damaged.

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Having a certified appraisal of property damaged in your home is critical if you and your insurance company are in disagreement with the amount of loss during a claim settlement.

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If the insurance company refuses to negotiate, the claim can be settled through alternate dispute resolution by invoking an appraisal clause in your homeowner’s insurance policy.

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When pricing disputes occur, appraisals offer a faster, low-cost option for settling insurance claims.
By invoking an appraisal, policyholders can settle claim disputes without the expensive resources required to pursue litigation.

The Appraisal Claims Process

During appraisals for the purpose of insurance claims, property owners are responsible for hiring an independent insurance appraiser to identify the value and scope of the claim. Insurance companies will also hire an appraiser to review the claim.

  • Both parties will then agree and a neutral umpire who acts as an arbiter in the event that neither group can agree on specific valuations.
  • The umpire is responsible for making the final determination.
  • The umpire will determine the value of the item that is damaged, the cost to repair or replace, and a fair reimbursement to make the covered person whole.

Common Reasons for Insurance Claims

There are a number of ways that property can be lost or damaged. Sometimes it is the result of an act of nature. In other cases, the loss occurs because of human error or negligence.
Your insurance policy will lay out the details of your property damage liability coverage and what you can expect when you suffer a loss. Some of the most common causes of damage are laid out below:

Wind & Hail

Wind and hail are the most prevalent types of insurance claims in the United States. Hail alone accounts for anywhere from $8 billion to $14 billion in damages every year.
While most homeowners’ policies cover wind and hail, you might need a separate policy depending on where you live. We can help you review your coverage and properly estimate your damage.

Water Damage & Flooding

Water and flooding can cause serious and extensive damage to your home. From leaks, to burst pipes, to storms and flooding, water damage can quickly wreak havoc on the property in your home. We’ll help you understand your insurance policy and properly document your claims.   

Fire & Lightning

Fires can happen in an instant and leave behind devastation in their wake. Fire damage is incredibly expensive to repair; in many, cases can result in the homeowners moving to temporary living spaces while the damage is assessed and repaired. We’ll help you understand your policy and accurately assess the damage to see if you qualify for “loss of use” coverage.

What Sets our Appraisal Process Apart

We have years of experience providing professional appraisal services for property damage after unexpected events. As a Certified Appraiser, no one in the Atlanta area can produce a professional appraisal more efficiently and affordably than Charles Pharr ISA CAPP.

All of our appraisals conform to standards of the International Society of Appraisers and (USPAP) Uniform Standards of the Professional Appraisal Practice.

We put our experience to work ensuring that you get the compensation that you deserve and that everything about your claim is filed efficiently and correctly. Have you suffered loss from property damage? Get in touch. We'll assess the situation and help you decide on your next steps.